WPCRC exteriorIn 2004 a group of friends and neighbors formed the Circle of Friends of the Warner Park Community Recreation Center to support the mission of the WPCRC and to ensure it continues to grow and serves the community. The purpose of organizing a non-profit group, separate from the city, is to raise funds to provide for wanted items and capital projects that we cannot expect the taxpayers to provide. Membership is open to all that want to be part of the continuing growth and success of the WPCRC. Board members are selected from those that volunteer to help and have the time to participate on a working board. Our board members are all volunteers.  We have no paid staff and always welcome additional members.

Out of our general fund we have purchased the rugs in the entry to the gym and the exercise room, also the Step One and a computer lab consisting of 10 lap tops and 20 tablets for the community to use at the Center. Another one  of our goals is raising public awareness and funds for the Warner Pool.  The funds that were raised from cookie sales, our annual walk and the golf outings are in special pool accounts for the Warner Pool. So far we have raised over $225,000 for the Warner pool, including the endowment with the Madison Community Foundation and over $36,000 with the  Madison Parks Foundation.  The Madison Parks Foundation no longer accepts our deposits, so we have our own 501(c)(3) allowing all donations to be tax deductible.  We will be doing a feasibility study with the MPF funds as soon as we get a letter of support from the Mayor.

The continuing mission of our CoF is to continue to raise private funds to provide better recreational opportunities for the public’s benefit, including the Warner Pool and other projects, to make WPCRC a better place for all of us who use it, now and in generations to come.