Circle of Friends Updates

Circle of Friends Updates

The Circle Of Friends (COF) has had a busy year baking and selling cookies with all the elections in 2012. We opened a new account with the Madison Community Foundation (MCF) and also have the account with the Madison Parks Foundation (MPF). Both accounts are 501(c)(3) allowing all donations to be tax deductible.

A big thanks goes to a long time Northside family that gave $10,000 to the MCF for the Warner Pool Fund.

Our major goal is the Warner Pool with all the money we raise for the pool going into the Warner Pool account with the Madison Community Foundation (MCF). We now have raised over $173,000 for the pool in addition to a pledge of $25,000 when we break ground.  The COF has also taken the lead on raising funds for equipment for the exercise room. Please drop off your donations when you come in to exercise.  Every dollar helps!

Mark your calendars – COF events for 2013 include:

Election Day Cookie Sale
Tuesday, Feb. 19
Tuesday, April 2

Pounding the Pavement for the Pool
Saturday, August 24

Membership in the COF is open to all residents that use the WPCRC and want to be a part of it’s continuing growth and success. Board members are selected from COF members that have volunteered to help and have the time to participate on a working board. We need someone that can keep our web page up to date. Our board members are all volunteers … we have no paid staff.

New members and volunteers are always welcome.  If interested please contact: Dorothy Borchardt at  or Steve Nelson at